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"Spiritual Teachers of Mankind /XIX-XX Cent/"

Spiritual Teachers of Mankind /XIX-XX Cent/

"The Creation of the World. God. Man."

The Creation of the World. God. Man.

"Metaphysics. Universal principles of cosmic and worldly existence."

Метафизика. Универсальные принципы космического и земного бытия

Data on the author.

Alina Osipovna Yakunina is the director of The International Institute of Cosmic Philosophy and the chairman of the interregional society “To Brotherhood through Knowledge”. She has two higher educations, one of them psychological. Her lecture activities on the problem “esoteric philosophy” she has started since 1983. She has read lectures on philosophy, history of world religions and esoteric psychology of personality in many of the largest cities of the Union: Moscow, Leningrad, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Vorkuta, Arkhangelsk, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, etc. In 1991 she officially founded an headed The Institute of Cosmic Philosophy in Moscow. In some years on its basis there arose braches – in Italy in the town of Pisa and in America in the state of New Jersey,
The three years’ training at the Institute included the program on the following topics:
1. Metaphysics. Fundamentals of esoteric philosophy. The Laws and Principles of Universal Life.
2. The connection of the worldly life with the astral and spiritual worlds. Man is a triple being belonging simultaneously to three worlds: natural, fine and spiritual.
3. The detailed analysis of the multi-measured organization of man, his influence on the surrounding world and his dependence on the worldly and cosmic influence.
4. The laws of worldly life – Sacrifice, Karma, Hierarchy, reincarnation.
5. The posthumous existence of man: in the fine world, in the spiritual one.
6. The process of return to the earth into a new incarnation. Aims and tasks.
7. The esoteric analysis of the mankind’s spiritual development. The world relogions, Aryan and Semitic religious trends. The period of post-religious organizations, freemasonry and other secret societies in Europe and Russia.
8. Esoteric psychology. Sufi methods of the transformation of the consciousness of personality from intellect to superconsciousness.

Lectures on these topics are delivered by Yakunina. At the same time she delivers lectures of the 3 years’ course on esoteric astrology based on the knowledge of metaphysics. The astrology taught at the institute is not a method of fortune-telling, but a spiritual instrument helping in cognizing oneself objectively, seeing the true reasons of one’s problems, suffering, conflicts, realizing that there exists a direct connection between the qualities of a personality and cucimstances of his life. Realizing that the aim of life is development of a personality, perfection of merits and elimination or if only reduction of drawbacks, development of consciousness.
The knowledge taught by Yakunina help realize that life is a training process and its main aim is to develop the consciousness of personality. The present book is a detailed account of the first course of training at the institute esoteric philosophy. It is worded in a simple form, adapted to understanding of a man of middle intellectual development. The knowledge transferred in the form of talks is written for the enlightenment of a mass reader, his familiarization with real conditions of life on the planet, with the Universal Laws governing life, hence, having a direct relation to everyone.
It is written with the aim of changing consciousness and moral perfection of a personality, with the aim to create a true world – outlook in our society.

Dear friend,
Whoever you are – just a curious person, who opened these pages by chance or truth searcher sincerely longing to understand the sense of life, the mystery of death, - if you opened this book, it means we can become like – minded persons with you. It means you are interested not only in routine trifles of life, but also in the aim of life, the sense of sufferings and joys. You obviously feel that there is a deep – laid sense in life and everything going on has a definite regularity. That is why I address your mind and heart.
I address your mind because I want a unified, complete systematic world outlook to arise in your consciousness after your reading the pages of this book and some others I am going to write. It will be able to answer the disturbing questions about the governing life – the life of the Universe, society and your own self. You’ll be able to learn what is hiding behind the phenomenon of birth and what follows death. You’ll learn what “Fate” is and understand that it is not a blind force or God’s will. I’ll try to convince you that you yourself are the creator of your life, that you yourself are responsible for all circumstances in your life. That it’s silly to look for enemies, to hope for fortune and to spend your life in the struggle with your surroundings.

This systematic Knowledge will help you to live, make you wiser, more bearable, steadfast. Ancient Christians said: “Induce your reason to enter your heart”. It means to live according to this Knowledge. If it doesn’t enter the heart, it‘ll be come merely information, giving birth to arrogance, self-importance and self-assertion. Then it’ll be useless for your development and won’t help you to exist in this world more wisely.
This knowledge can lead you to the joy of cognition, mental quiet, wisdom, ability to love, understand, forgive, be happy.
Yours sincerely,
Alina Yakunina

Our remarkable contemporary, spiritual ascetic /biographers say she was connected with Shambala/ K.E. Antarova, a singer of the Bolshoy Theatre, an Honoured artist of RSFSR, writes in her “Science of Joy”: “Man must live so that peace emanations flew from him to everyone on his way. It’s not the task of a common man to became or go all out to became a saint. But the task of every man is to live his everyday life so that to introduce a drop of peace and joy into his own and someone else’s existence.”
“Look for knowledge to understand that unhappiness doesn’t exist as such. All wonders and unhappiness are within man himself. When knowledge opens to man, he becomes quiet, for wisdom revives in him. Don’t look for wonders, there are none, Look for knowledge – it exists.”
“All people are divided into learned, free from prejudices and passions, hence – kind and joyous, and ignorant – gloomy and evil. Learn. There is only one way in life – knowledge. The freer he becomes, the greater his importance for life is”.